Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

I just finished reading Red Queen by the beautiful and talented Victoria Aveyard, so before I fall in love with another book, I’m going to try to write about this one (which should be interesting, because I do a terrible job of try to convey feelings in the form of writing… So, we’ll see where this goes. Bear with me.)

This fantastonishing book, Red Queen, is one that takes place in a war-torn future, where gods-like human beings with silver blood run the world. Along with the silver-blooded human-gods, there are the less divine, totally and completely unequal red-blooded people, one of which happens to be our main character. Mare Barrow (our main character) is one of the many, many poorly-treated Reds (red-blooded people) who lives under the iron fist of a ruthless king and an absolutely despicable queen, both of whom hide behind their power and the lies they’ve woven. Mare Barrow’s three older siblings have all been sent off to the war-front, and Mare isn’t all that far behind them, as she has no steady job (and pick-pocketing is a pretty tough way to make a living, it’s also not deemed socially acceptable in Mare’s world as a way to escape from being sent off to war.) So, as Mare realized her impending doom (duhn duhn duuhhhhnnnn), she also recognizes the fact that she’s not the only one who is desperately in need of help. Her frenemy, Kilorn, whose father was sent off to war and returned as a pile of ashes in a shoebox, also carries the fate of being sent off to war. As Mare scrambles, doing everything she can to save both herself and Kilorn from being sent off to fight in the war, she comes across many people who begin to shape her destiny. She’s constantly battling with the idea of what will happen if she is indeed sent off to the front, and how she can escape it. Then, one day, as Mare Barrow accompanies her younger sister into the center of all the Silvers, she slowly becomes swept up in the most edge-of-your seat, suspenseful, and gruesome tale of power, tragedy, war, and victory.

Victoria Aveyard has written a phenomenal piece of fantastical fiction, that literally glitters. (Whatever that means…) And I positively LOVE IT. All the greatest pieces of what makes a story brilliant have been concentrated and put into this one, giving it the most raw, powerful effect it could’ve had.

I kept hearing everyone talk about how amazing and wonderful this book was, but there are other adjectives that are leaps and bounds above “amazing” and “wonderful” for this book. For example, this book isn’t just amazing, it’s spectacular; it isn’t just wonderful, it’s (*JAZZ HANDS*) SPELLBINDING.

I would definitely give this one million out of five stars, and it’s worth reading over and over (so, if by the end of this year, I’ve ended up reading it half a dozen times, it honestly won’t come as surprise.) I highly recommend it, especially if you read and love fantasy with a mix of sci-fi and some heady (not heavy) romance.

I loved the characters in this book, their abilities, and the massive amount of constant action that never stopped from the first page. Made Barrow is an epic main character, as are many of the others (be they good or evil), and they all make the story what it was.

The world that Victoria Aveyard has created in this one is imaginable, yet far-fetched, making it the perfect setting for such a story to take place. 

I just cannot stop thinking about this book! It’s splendid, and I keep recommending it to practically everyone because it is so worth the read. So, if you have yet to read it… What are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy (which you can find at bookstores near you, or you can order off and read this brilliant piece of literature that has set a new standard!! I encourage you… I command you!! (Jk. Waves invisible scepter at invisible people.)

Anywho, thank you for reading this zany (my new favorite word) review! I hope you enjoyed it (especially enough to read Red Queen!) 

-Clare ✌🏼️


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